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Company Structures

Our Intelligent Company Structures enables clients to, Optimise Net Profits, Accelerate Commercial Growth & Increase Equity Value.

Company Formations


Incorporate your Company, Regional Office or EMEA HQ in the Canary Islands for trade across Europe & West Africa. 

Investment Structures
Our Intelligent Investment Structures enable international companies and investors sophisticated vehicles to fund projects & companies operating in & from the Canary Islands.
Canary Islands ZEC 4% CIT


C.I.C obtain your ZEC licenses! 

Access the EU's lowest corporate tax rate of 4%. C.I.C are Official Partners of the Canary Government's ZEC Consorcio with more than 60 projects successfully passed.

Capital Investment
Since 2014 our team has assisted clients to raise in excess of €40 million, 1st round, Public, and Private Equity Investment for projects located in the Canary Islands. 
In 2018 CIC launched "Canaries Investors Club" consisting of successful Company Owners, Angel Investors to accompany our groups of Investment Funds & Institutions


Corporate Legal Services
Many CIC clients live outside the canaries therefore CIC assumes the role of Administrator, Legal Representative & Resident Director, enabling clients the ability to leverage the experience of our team of experts, by way of MSA's (Management Service Agreements).

Capital Investment Advisory


Management Consultants


Corporate Service Providers  

Specialists in;

Corporate & Investment Structures

EU Tax Incentives

Capital Investment

Transactions M&A 

About CIC

Founded by Christopher Pennington in 2010, Capital Investment Canaries was created to fill the gap in the marketplace to provide international businesses and investors with Professional Services enabling them to seize commercial opportunities in the Canary Islands and access some of Europe's most advantageous tax incentives. 



Our success stories include some of the fastest-growing disruptive technology companies from the Digital, Tech, Online Streaming, Renewable & Waste to Energy industries utilising The Canaries as a platform in which to launch their companies across the EMEA region, in addition to Executives & High Net Worth Individuals seeking a better Work-Life Equilibrium as part of their professional & personal strategies.


Our Intelligent Company Structures & Intelligent Investment Structures enable Companies and individuals the opportunity to leverage CIC's deep understanding of The Canary Islands Tax Incentives and investment vehicles. The tax incentives are backed by the European Union operating under a secure, Political, Financial and Legal system. 


"Boasting the EU's most advantageous fiscal incentives, a hotbed for Digital & Technology companies, in addition to a thriving Audio Visual sector and Global Service Centre's like AtoS who manage Contact Centre contracts like Transport for London "TfL", it's easy to see why The Canaries has emerged as a "Commercial Paradise"... and not a tax paradise!!!"

- Christopher Pennington, Founder CIC


"The Canary Islands will be the Tri-Continental Investment Platform connecting The Americas, Europe & West Africa"

Bill Clinton - President, United States of America 

Clinton Global Initiative in Tenerife Canary Islands 




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