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British Airways inflight magazine name The Canary Islands as Europe's fastest growing Tech Hub.

Christopher Pennington, Capital Investment Canaries CEO was recently interviewed by British Airways Business Class Inflight Magazine to better understand why The Canary Islands are becoming so popular with Nomads, Digital & Tech Entrepreneurs...

"The Canary Islands really is one of Europe's fastest growing Tech Hubs. We're consistently supporting, Online & Digital Entrepreneurs, to establish their European Offices in The Canaries. Many of the Entrepreneurs we speak to are searching for the equilibrium between work and lifestyle whilst accessing investors & Europe's Lowest Onshore Tax Incentives, in my opinion the Canaries is the only place in Europe that delivers them all. Additionally in 2019 CIC has received more enquiries from Female Entrepreneurs & Business Owners than Male, for the first time.

Since 2011 CIC has been creating "Intelligent Company Structures" for our clients allowing them to, optimise net profits, self fuel growth, and attract investment. We've directly played a hand in securing €10 million Capital Investment specifically for Digital & Tech clients, who usually then have us register them with The Canary Islands ZEC, the EU's lowest corporate tax rate, beating, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus.

Many clients fail to recognize all their Intellectual Property (IP) and nearly all failed to correctly position their IP to maximize equity value and attract the right investors at the right investment levels".

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