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Canary Island Company Incorporations

Incorporating a company in Spain is more bureaucratic than some other European countries however, considering the fiscal incentives, some of the most advantageous in the European Union, it's well worth the effort. 


All Spanish & Canary Island companies are incorporated in front of a public notary. This is achievable by signing in person, or, issuing a Power of Attorney for your Corporate Service Providers to incorporate on your behalf. 


Historically CIC completes its client incorporations within a 3-4 week period, depending upon response time from Public Offices and ensuring the client provides all documentation in full upon request. 


What's included with your Canary Islands Company Incorporation?

  1. Articles of Incorporation

  2. Cif Number (Corporate Spanish Tax Number)

  3. NIE Numbers for Shareholders (Personal Spanish Tax Numbers)

  4. Notarised Shareholder Agreements

  5. Corporate Bank Account

  6. Corporate Debit & Credit Cards (In the name of the Administrator/Resident Director, and Authorised Financial Controllers)


Sole Owned Individual Co

3-4 Weeks Incorporation Time



This company is ideal where there's one sole owner who's an individual, not a corporate entity. This can be provided with the owner present to sign in front of a public notary or for an additional €300 CIC can provide the entire incorporation by way of Power of Attorney. 



3-5 Weeks Incorporation Time



This is the most popular incorporation structure catering to companies with more than one shareholder. The company can be incorporated with the owners present in front on a public notary or by way of Power of Attorney, an option most clients choose to avoid logistical challenges. 

Corporate Company

3-6 Weeks Incorporation



This option is for clients with more sophisticated needs. This structure allows for multiple shareholders both individual and Holdings, in addition, to cross border planning. This structure takes into account Parent Structure,  Investment Optics, and intergroup relationships.