Canary Islands Leading SME Corporate Service Providers

For more than 15 years CIC Group has been one of the Canary Islands leading Corporate Service Providers across the provinces of Santa Cruz de Tenerife & Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. For simplicity we have broken our services down into the following catagories.

Corporate Services; all services relating to set up & compliance such as accounting, employment law, tax, payroll.

Professional Advisory ; Special services relating to Tax Planning, Distribution of Dividends, Corporate Structures, Tax Advisory, Legal & Financial Consulting, Business Consulting, Wealth Management.

Management Services; Legal Representation, Liaison Officer, Operational Support, Contract Management, PA Services.

Family Office: Asset Management, Investment Advice & Execution

Conducting business in a foreign country, where there is a language barrier and unfamiliar laws and regulations to comply with, can be challenging. CIC ensures that all of these frustrations are taken care of in true alignment to our promise to you of delivering, More Money, More Time, and Less Stress!