Alexander Von “Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity” Tenerife

On the 15th of November 2013, at the University of La Laguna Tenerife, Delegates from the University of Malta and Business Owners from around Europe met for a presentations on new initiatives to improve and develop the employment education & training within the Canary Islands.

Attendees had the pleasure to listen to Maurice Grech (University of Malta) explain their programme for creating “employment opportunities in developing islands”.

The Maltese initiative has created more than 5000 skilled employment positions in the last 10 years, largely,  by working with industry leaders through initiatives to tailor both academic and vocational courses to meet the needs of the workplace.

It was interesting to learn that a 20 million additional jobs are expected to be created Europe wide by 2020, largely in the Business Service sector, and non marketing business sector like health, education, and banking.

The most worrying fact was that a reduction of jobs in the unskilled sectors of 12.1 million less jobs, across Europe, are expected in the same time frame, emphasising the importance for people to become qualified in a particular skill if their desire is to make themselves employable.

Vince Malone (University of Malta) also stated that it isn’t enough to keep forcing people to fit the education system model, the negative effect of this will result in too many qualified people in the same area of expertise. Initiatives, like the one adopted in Malta, have been successful by opening dialogue between education and industry leaders. This ensures the education system is turning out qualified skilled workers to meet the requirements of companies in the short and medium term.

This news was well received from both Government inward investment organisations and private companies who share a common interest in the commercial advancement of the Canary Islands.

“Educational incentives like the HCU only add further credibility to the islands profile by supporting existing incentives like the ZEC & RIC. It’s absolutely imperative that inward investing companies arriving in the canaries have access to both the skilled and unskilled workforce they require. I was encouraged to hear the presentations from the Deans of the University of Malta, and delighted by the presentation from Boris Groth head of SGM Solutions. Strategic partnerships between Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity , NCP, SGM Solutions, and CIC in alignment with the Governments mission to position the Canaries as the “Service Centre Capital of Europe” is clearly a winning combination. They will surely play an essential part in the successful creation of social and economic diversity in the Canary Islands with the ULL (University of La Laguna) being the perfect partner to cement the relationships”.Christopher Pennington, Development Director, Capital Investment Canaries.

Canary Islands – Investment Platform for Africa

The Canary Islands are situated just 100km off the coast of West Africa and 1000km south of Spain.

The Canaries have long been a strategic place of importance for international trade and in the late 1900’s the became a world famous tourist destination with more than 12 million visitors annually.