‘Canary Smile’ a hook for Entrepreneurs, Investors & Tourists!

The ‘Canary Smile’ a hook for Entrepreneurs, Investors & Tourists!

When I interviewed  Ash Hotel President, Jorge Marichal, in 2011, I left that meeting with a renewed feeling of certainty to match the confidence I had that the Canaries would not only be a market leader in the Tourism Industry, but we could realisethe ambition to make the Islands a commercial investment hub connecting three continents.



For me, Jorge symbolised a new era in Canary commerce and politics! Young, dynamic, successful, and international in his approach to business. Ashotels at the time was responsible, as an association, for the interests of 219 members hotels consisting of, covering the four islands of the Province of Santa Cruz,”.

“This association was responsible for in excess of 150,000 beds, and rapidly growing, as well as catering for visitors to the islands on a daily basis.

Seven years on the Canaries has broken not just tourism records but commercial records also.

By diversifying, and diligent external promotion of the islands fiscal benefits and home grown talent, the Canary Islands has issued more than 600 licenses to international businesses establishing a base on the islands through the ZEC Initiative. The initiative offers international businesses to trade internationally, particularly across the EU, via an Onshore, European Commission backed, corporate tax incentive whereby they pay just 4%.

When I asked Jorge at the time what would be one of the key components to realising this vision, I’ll never forget him coining the phrase, “It’ll be our Canary Smile Christopher”! Something which I’ve come to adore myself over the years. I’m convinced that he didn’t just mean the “Canary Smile” but actually the warmth, friendliness and generosity for which the Canary people are famous.


This phrase is further endorsed to me when speaking to the Owners, Investors, and Employees of the many companies my business, Capital Investment Consultants & Capital Investment Canaries” have brought to the islands, they tell me the same. The fiscal and Commercial benefits are unrivalled, however, what people tell me they enjoy most is the equilibrium between business and lifestyle is just as valuable.

Coming from his families construction background and later CEO of Marylanza Hotel, in Los Cristianos, I’m convinced Jorge knew what it was going to take.

I’m a firm believer that we haven’t fulfilled the full potential of that Canary Vision just yet. Today the Canaries boast more than 400 weekly flights to the UK alone, and is becoming the research-and-development zone for innovative technologies, in particular Green and ECO projects. Through institutions like ITER.

Capital Investment Consultants has closed in excess of €10 million investment for its clients in these industries andthrough our creative corporate structure’s we’ve enabled them to internationalise their companies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

With continued public investment into world class communications, infrastructure and travel connections, it is easy to see why the Canary Islands is a Commercial Paradise and not a Fiscal one!!!

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