Unlike other jurisdictions in Europe, the Canary Islands are protected by a special status known as “Ultra-Preripheral Regions”. 

This means the Canary Islands Tax Incentives are more secure and will always be permanently protected unlike other areas such as Malta and Cyrpus.

This provides both investors and business owners with the peace of mind when planning medium and long term business strategies and tax planning.

In additiona to the advatageous Holding Company Structures for individuals thinking of building asset and property portfolio’s in the Canaries, in many cases to support a lifestyle or retirement there, there are 5 other tax incentives offering unique opportunity for businesses to form cororate entities to conduct commercial activity internationally from the region.

ZEC – Low Corporate Tax Rate of just 4%, find out more…

Canary Islands ZEC Zone Tax Incentive

RIC – Reserve Investment in Canary Islands offering up to a 90% tax break on profits, find out more…

DICI – Deduction for Investments in Canary Islands allowing tax credits for investment into the business, find out more…

Igic – a low VAT rate of just 7% when invoicing within the Canaries, and exemptions when invicing internationally.

FTZ – Free Trade Zones, the perfect incentive for companies transporting good internationally.

CIC offers a Trade Mission Service, for clients to visit us in the Canaries to discover more about the tax incentives and research how best to conduct international business from the islands.

To arrange your Trade Mission Visit contact one of our team at the following address welcome@capitalinvestmentcanaries.com