Canary Islands Tax Incentives

To help you to decide which if the following Canary Islands Tax Incentives is best suited for your business CIC runs tailor made discover trips so you can meet our team in our offices in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and discover what life is like doing business from the Canaries.

2 Day Tax Break ZEC Trade Mission Tenerife

“2 Day Tax Break” are designed to give the company owners or directors all the tools they need in order to complete the decision making process. This is more of a discovery trip than an event, it’s a way for you to get to hear all the benefits of doing business from the islands, the openings to other commercial markets, and speak to our team of experts to map out the start up process.

“Trade Mission” Some clients need more attention to map out an actual commercial & operational viability plan ensuring they get the maximum benefit from day One. For this we recommend that you come on a tailor made trade mission where we can organise any meetings that you feel necessary with both public and private entities as well as working out tax structures, operational set up and timescales for commencement of activity. (Ideally 4 days is best so we can arrange meetings, powers of attorneys etc)

In both cases we have taken care of the complete package through our providers covering travel, accommodation, breakfast & Lunch, and we will confirm the meetings & consultations you require.

To arrange your Trade Mission Visit contact one of our team at the following address

Our 2 Day Tax Break & Trade Missions take place in the Business Capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife at the 5* Gran Hotel Mencey