Canary Islands are UK Companies Solution for No Deal Brexit!

Where to place your business in the EU after Brexit

In light of the Brexit uncertainty, regardless of one’s personal stance, EU subsidiary corporate structures have become a popular provision for many clients, with Spain’s Canary Islands emerging as the front runner.

Uncertainty over the UK’s post-brexit relationship with the EU has caused concern for business owners and investors alike, however, many business owners are also realising the full extent of the opportunities enabled by having a Corporate Structure in the European Union.

Canary Islands ZEC Zone Tax Incentive

The Canary Islands offers companies the opportunity to provide continuity of service to clients whilst accessing the EU’s most advantageous Onshore Tax Incentives.

The Canary Islands Tax Incentives, are part of a permanent “Ultra Peripheral Regions” status unlike those of Cyprus, Malta, and other EU locations, they provide a more “Secure and Stable” longer-term option. Specifically, both Investors and Business Owners alike can position their businesses in the Canary Islands enjoying the following;

  • Corporate Tax Rates as low as 2.5 – 4% (The Lowest in Europe)
  • Invoice EU clients without VAT
  • Trade in Euro’s without need for currency transfers
  • Freedom of movement of funds due to onshore status and bi-lateral agreements
  • Exemption from withholding tax
  • No double taxation due to bi-lateral agreements
  • Exemptions on Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax

The powerful side effects of the above mentioned benefits can be, accelerated commercial growth, higher company valuations, optimized net profits, maximum equity retention when entering VC or PE investment rounds. 

The Canaries offers an opulent life work environment, educated multi-lingual workforce, world class communications infrastructure, more than 1000 direct weeklyflights to EU cities (460 of which are to the UK) plus business owners and companies enjoy the EU’s legal, economic and financial stability.

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