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The EU’s Best Kept Business Secret

Europe’s Biggest Business Secret, Since the year 2000, this European location has attracted international businesses like Kinross, Rolls Royce Marine and AtoS, in addition to fast-growing digital businesses with global ambitions. This location has, the same time zone as the UK, Euro currency, Spanish & English is widely spoken, and boasts daily direct flight to […]

‘Canary Smile’ a hook for Entrepreneurs, Investors & Tourists!

The ‘Canary Smile’ a hook for Entrepreneurs, Investors & Tourists! When I interviewed  Ash Hotel President, Jorge Marichal, in 2011, I left that meeting with a renewed feeling of certainty to match the confidence I had that the Canaries would not only be a market leader in the Tourism Industry, but we could realisethe ambition […]

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Top 5 Places to Live & Work “The Guardian”

Why Canary Islands is an Entrepreneurial Paradise, and not a Fiscal Paradise! The Guardian News published an article ranking Santa Cruz de Tenerife in it’s top 5 places in the world to live! But why has this popular tourist destination ranked so highly with business highflyers, and what secrets does it really have to offer? […]

US & UK Companies, Choose Canary Islands for West Africa Investment

US & UK Companies, Choose Canary Islands for EU & West Africa Base!   As an emerging market, West Africa offers many opportunities for established Western and Asian companies. In West Africa alone there’s a potential workforce of 350 million people, the population has increased 5 fold since 1950 and the United Nations has ranked […]

Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell, Why Global Digital Companies are Setting Up Here?

Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell… Why Global Digital Companies are placing their International Offices here?   You’d be forgiven for thinking every Tech Company with a global potential sets up in Silicon Valley, after all it is a hotbed for innovative and disruptive technologies! Since 2010, CIC has advocated the Canary Islands as the perfect location […]

Why The Canary Islands are “NOT” a Tax Haven

With high profile cases of some of the world’s largest companies being scrutinised for what has been described as “Aggressive Tax Structures” it’s easy to understand why the simple mention of a “Tax Incentive” is met with fierce opposition from parts of society. We’ve all heard the phrases… “Tax Dodgers” “Tax Cheats” “Elitists” etc. Whilst for […]

New Investments & Grants for SME’s released, 2018

New Investments & Grants for SME’s released Capital Investment Consultants, its subsidiaries and associate partners have launched their Client Funding Lines for 2018. Our fund is made of a number of funding avenues, namely; Our Profitable Companies offering Private Equity Our Private VC Investors (already committed in excess of 10m) Our Public funding grans and […]

Why Tenerife? Tax, Lifestyle & Opulence

Why Tenerife? Why not Tenerife, especially Santa Cruz de Tenerife, “The Heart of Tenerife”. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is home to; The lowest Onshore EU Tax Incentives in Europe (Corporate Tax 4%, VAT 7%, Holding Company Tax 2.8%,) Click Here… An amazing vibrant and cosmopolitan society boasting the Best “Carnaval 2018” in the World. Ranked […]