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Artificial intelligence ‘made in Spain’ to compete with Amazon Alexa

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Nacho Palou ,

Digital Economy

14 Dec 2018 16: 41h.

  • A Spanish company has created a virtual assistant with AI that anticipates the needs of the user. 
  • His application was the first to communicate in conversational language in Spanish. 
  • It has received a great update and can be downloaded and used for free. 
  • It is designed to be integrated into any device. 

Founded in Bilbao in 2012, the Sherpa company aims to develop the next generation of digital assistants by applying artificial intelligence to anticipate and predict what information and actions the user needs or wants depending on the time and place and different conditions.

Sherpa Assistant App , the incarnation as an app for Android phones, was one of the first digital assistants with the ability to communicate through conversational or natural language in Spanish, and is the number one app of its category in the Spanish-speaking market. Recently the Sherpa app has evolved and can be  downloaded and used for free .

The company, based in Bilbao, and offices in Silicon Valley, has recently announced a lucrative agreement with Porsche to incorporate the Sherpa Platform services. The business version of the Sherpa platform consists of two products: Sherpa AI Conversational OS and Sherpa AI Predictive and Recommending engine.

The Sherpa AI Conversational OS platform presented today is designed to enable Sherpa conversational engine integration “on any device or product, from speakers to TVs to household appliances,” Sherpa explains.

The second component of the Sherpa Platform, the Sherpa AI Predictive and Recommending Engine, makes available to companies and developers the Sherpa predictive technology for its integration into different products as an intelligent interface that is capable of anticipating the needs of the user without having to that the user interacts directly with the system.

In this way, they  explain from Sherpa , “the user will have at their disposal an assistant able to select news or emails that require their attention.” Furthermore, they can control the home heating or play multimedia content on the television and control other devices and connected devices.

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According to  Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria , founder and CEO of Sherpa, Sherpa’s predictive capacity is about 100,000 parameters for each user, which places his technology “at the head of artificial intelligence worldwide.”

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