Angel Investment, VC & Private Equity Investment, Canary Islands, Spain.

Capital Investment Canaries can offer Angel investment up to €500,000 and Private Equity Investment from €500,000 to €25 million through it’s “DIP” Direct Investment Platform through our Canaries and London offices.

CIC EP Direct Investment Platform (DIP)

  1. Investor Customised Portfolio’s – investors get ‘line-of-sight’ and can select their own SME investments for management by their own Family Office or CIC EP
  2. Accelerated Investor Returns – assets are identified and promoted only when they have reached the right point on the J-Curve (growth capital) providing dramatically reduced time-to-exit (projecting 18-30 months)
  3. Growth Management System – businesses are driven through a proven growth management process (utilising innovative, world-class and market proven IP)
  4. Global Pool of Investable Assets – CIC EP feeds from a global pool of hundreds of coached and advised SME businesses annually
  5. Characteristic-Based Investments – investments selected on growth characteristics not sector (investments scale ranges from €500K – €25m)

3rd Party Direct Investment Mandates

  1. CIC EP sources investable businesses on-demand for our client base of Private Equity & Overseas Development Funds (investment scale ranges from €25m upwards) Fund Consulting Group (IP driven advice to the wider Family Office & Fund Community)
  2. Enhanced Cultural Due Diligence
  3. Asset & Investment Preparation
  4. Distressed Asset Turn-Around
  5. Asset Enhancement
  6. Exit Planning

Investment Management Team

Our investment management team have a wealth of experience within the Investment Banking and Investment Management Industry spanning over 30 years.

Our team have held senior positions within SG Warburg, Mercury Asset Management, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, CBRE, through to the “Global Head of Investor Relations” for Credit Suisse!

Our Equity Partnership Programme has the potential to be the leading private investment platform in Spain for PYMES (SME’s) and Medium sized Companies in 2015!

Since 2015 we were part of the management teams that raised 10.5million in investment for our clients.

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