New Investments & Grants for SME’s released, 2018

New Investments & Grants for SME’s released

Capital Investment Consultants, its subsidiaries and associate partners have launched their Client Funding Lines for 2018.

Our fund is made of a number of funding avenues, namely;

  • Our Profitable Companies offering Private Equity
  • Our Private VC Investors (already committed in excess of 10m)
  • Our Public funding grans and subsidies

Our funding lines are available for existing clients, however, our public funding lines are open to, existing clients and new clients of CIC.

CIC has a proven track record in securing Private Equity, Angel Investment, and Growth Funding for its clients, typically in combination with one of our IP Positioning or EU Tax Incentives Products. (10.5 million funded since 2015).

Who Can Apply?

We’re offering the funding lines to the following companies;

Company Profile Investment Range
Entrepreneur Start-Up (Proven Skillset) €27,500 – €55,000
Renewable Energy Start-Up €45,000 – €250,000
Renewable Energy Disruptive Tech €250,000 – €1,500.000
Companies with a proven trading record €200,000 – €1,000.000
AI, Technologies, Online Businesses €250,000 – €2,000.000
R & D of Disruptive Technology €500,000 – €5,000.000
Companies with proven capacity for global reach, or, profitable track record. €5,000.000+


For more information regarding repayment or equity options please submit your executive summary accompanies with a link to your Video Pitch to the email below. Your video pitch doesn’t have to be professionally produced, we’re looking for originality and to assess your ability to pitch your business.


The initial screening process is by the CIC board followed by presentations to our private investors.

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