About CIC Capital Investment Canaries,
ZEC Zone Canary Islands 4% Corporation Tax

ZEC Zone Canary Islands 4% Corporation Tax

Our Company provide corporate, professional & investor services assisting Companies and Investors to make the most of their Canary Islands businesses and investments.

We help people to set up businesses in the Canary Islands and specialise in assisting international companies to relocate or open their EMEA offices in Tenerife or Gran Canaria to take advantage of the very low Canary Island Tax Incentives.

CIC has been operating since 2013 under its current brand and previously was operating since 2010 under a different name. Since 2010 we have assisted more that 70 Entrepreneurs to form companies in the Canaries and assisted in excess of 20 international companies to base themselves here. 

Our Head Office is located on Plaza España Santa Cruz de Tenerife and in 2013 CIC was recognised as Official Partners of the Regional Governments ZEC Consortium.