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Incorporate your company quickly & cost effectively in Tenerife or Gran Canaria!

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Deutsche Bank Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Guaranteed Deutsche Bank account with Gold VISA or MasterCards for all our clients!

Corporate & Personal Bank Accounts

Corporation Tax 4% - VAT 7% & Holding Companies pay as low as 0% with EU backed incentives!

Europe’s Lowest Onshore Tax Incentives
Canaries... 176 direct connections to EU Cities in less than 4 hours!
Connected to the World

Expand across the EU from Canary Islands. Perfect location for English & Spanish speaking Customer Contact Centres

Perfect European HQ for US Companies
ZEC Zone Tenerife & Gran Canaria, ZEC Low Tax Zone

Build your wealth faster with our investment products and projects

Opulent Lifestyle... Investor Services & Wealth Management
"Service Centre Capital of Europe" - Canary Islands a fast growing Entrepreneurial Investment Hub
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BUILD profit, RETAIN wealth, EXIT for more!

CIC are professional service providers for fast growing businesses and wealthy individuals wanting to invest, live, or conduct business in the Canary Islands, Malta & Cyprus.
We specialise in European Tax Incentives, and creating both, Individual & Corporate Structures. Our team of experts work with Companies & Individuals that want to, maximise profits, retain wealth, and increase their equity value.

In 2012 were the first corporate entity to be awarded an Official Partners Appointment with the ZEC department of the Canary Islands Government. To date have supported international companies to fully set up in the Canaries, and in 2014 launched it’s IPEV (Intellectual Property, Equity Value) product, which maximises European Union backed tax incentives across the continent. 

ZEC Company Formations

Our expertise allows you to access and combine, onshore EU Tax Incentives, allowing you to build profits, retain wealth, and access investment more easily, always with a constant focus on maximising equity value and returns for the shareholders and founders.


For Retired ExPats & Wealthy Individual Investors, make your money work harder for you, access our unique FCA backed investments or our private investment portfolio to enjoy maximum security and maximum return on your profits or wealth.


CIC is a regional office for our Corporate Finance HQ based in City of London. We secure Growth & Private Equity funding& help Owners to exit their businesses for much higher valuations. Our Team are high level experts which include the former “Head of Global Investor Relations” for Credit Suisse!

The Canary Islands Tax Incentives RIC & ZEC Special Zone

The Canary Islands Archipelago offers one of the best low tax jurisdictions in the world: RIC, Canary Islands Reserve tax rates as low as 2.5% , & The Canary Islands Special Zone (“Zona Especial Canaria – ZEC”) 4% Corporation Tax, and VAT (IGIC) just 7%. Making the Canaries as much as 80% more tax efficient than other EU destinations.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, profitable companies, & fast growing SME’s that want to combine the benefits of living (or semi-living) in an opulent enviable climate, expand their businesses globally, whilst retaining the maximum amount of their wealth legally and transparently with European Commission backed incentives!

  • Retain - More Profit

  • Build - Equity Value

  • Sell - Higher Price


We only use legal and transparent onshore European Commission backed tax incentives, utilising a number of EU jurisdictions as opposed to off-shore tax havens!!! This ensures that our clients can enjoy the freedom of movement of dividends and capital gains onshore due to bi-lateral agreements.